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Publish layers with different colors

Question asked by EDGDataArtist on Jul 19, 2019
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all I wish is to insert a hosted feature layer (because only this works with PowerBI) whose polygons have different colors. I got this example feature from the public folder and it proofs me that it theoretical works:




I have a Plus membership to ArcGIS Online and I documented my way to replicate this:


  • First I created a new geojson-file with some polygons and colors at I saved this file and imported it in AGOL.


I added this file from my computer and published as a hosted layer. 


Share with organization. The tumbnail shows that the colors were not set.


Unfortunatly the colors are missing. 


So I want edit my hosted Feature Layer.


The given attribute "fill" defines the color of my polygons.


I can´t share before saving.


So I try to overwrite this feature.


But I can´t. So I need to create a new one.


The new one is not shown as hosted feature layer, but as Web Map. 



But published Web Map´s don´t work with Power BI. 




I´m really frustrated and worked a couple of hours on this absurd problem. Can someone please help? I have also installed ArcGIS Pro but can´t find any functions to overwrite or create a hosted feature layer. I have little hope left. Please help me