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Survey 123 Conditional Formatting Featured Report Tables

Question asked by oniziol2 on Jul 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by zliu-esristaff

Hi all,

 I have a small formatting problem that I just cant seem to solve. If anyone has any ideas on what I am missing please let me know. 

I have a survey and export that  asks a questions. There are three answers you can give  1) the correct answer (yes, no , na) 2) the incorrect answer (yes, no, na)-> this conditionally prompts two other questions 3) A third answer where you don't directly answer the questions but write down Notes (essentially conditionally you get 1 additional question)

The survey works great. I am working on the  feature export, each question is a line in a table (within word). I would like all the excess cells to not show up when not needed. 

Here is a snip of my document.  The results of this export are an extra row when the response is the correct one or the incorrect one.Clip of export document where the export has an extra row that I would like to get rid of

Example of export using   "Capture1"I tried to solve this by putting the opening conditional statement behind the end of the previous  closing statement ( same row) but I get an error stating  "Error: The loop with tag "Q49== "Notable Observations" is unclosed. The loop with tag "Q49 == "Notable Observations" is unopened. What I imaging the solutions should be but gives me errors

Error preventing export