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Multipoint Shape to Point

Question asked by mbly29 on Jul 18, 2019
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Hi All,


 I a\m running into issues editing data using Collector for ArcGIS. When I attempt to edit a point, it causes the app to crash. I think that I have it narrowed down to the fact that for some reason the 3 point feature classes that I am working with are, according to the Shape* field, Multipoint. Which I cannot confirm wether or not Collector supports.


When I attempt to convert the multipoint to a point, using the advanced editing toolbar, "Explode Multipart" , I get an error back saying that there are no multipart features selected. I am not the creator of this data, it is third party that we received. I have tried using the feature to point tool in Data Management Tools, however this just creates an empty feature class.


My guess is that the data was originally produced in CAD and then converted. I can work with the data in AGOL, ArcMap, just not Collector. 


Looking for any suggestions for a successful conversion from multipoint to point so that I can see if I can get this data to work within Collector.


Thanks for the thoughts.