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Location / Search bar in Crowdsource Reporter

Question asked by jo.condliffe_SDC on Jul 19, 2019
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I am hosting a public facing Crowdsource Reporter app on our own server. I would like to replace the standard Search bar which uses ArcGIS World Geocoding Service.

I would like to use my own Search bar that uses a custom geocoding service and presents the results in a more user-friendly format for people to pick a street in our district rather than searching the world.

The code for the above widget is:

var locatorURL = "{URL}/GeocodeServer";
var geocodeSearch = new Search(
          sources: [{
               locator: new Locator(locatorURL),
               singleLineFieldName: "StreetNameMerged",
               outFields: ["StreetNameMerged"],
               name: "Street Names",
               placeholder: "Search for a Street Name"
          map: map,
          enableSearchingAll: false,
          autoComplete: true
     }, "geocodeSearch"                    

Is this possible? I've looked through the code and as a novice developer I'm baffled!

Any help would be great.