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Versioned data - view on base table or EVW views?

Question asked by _robert_ on Jul 18, 2019
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Hi there,


we have our data in Oracle (11.2.)and the feature classes are registered as versioned.

I need to create a view to get data from multiple tables in order to export the aggregated data conveniently to Excel. Export needs to be done in ArcView (10.5.1). We also use third party app.


When I create the view based on the versioned tables then newly added data is missing and deleted data is included in my view. Lets call that "view1".
When I create the view based on the EVW views of the tables I get the data exactly how I want them including newly added data but without deleted data. Lets call that "view2".


Now, here comes the problem. The third party app comes with a nice query tool for tables. But when I perform a query on view2 I get an ESRI error message -


esriDataSourceGDB.SdeWorkspace.1: column not found [ORA-00904: "V_30674"."VERTRAG_REF": invalid identifier][VMG.vmg_v_dbv_vertrag_eig][STATE_ID = 16579]


When I run the same query on view1 there is no error message (but my results might be wrong as new data is missing, deleted data is shown). Also - when I look which query has been executed by Oracle I do not see any difference between the executed query for view1 and view2.

Anyone having had a similar issue?
Any advice?


Thanks, Rob