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Joining Wire to Poles

Question asked by ehewitt28 on Jul 19, 2019
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Hello Everyone!


I work for an electric utility and I am trying to join our wire to our poles. I was able to successfully do this using a One to Many Spatial Join. The problem I am having is it picks up the wire on either side of the pole and creates two records. I only want it to pick up one side of the wire on the back span of the pole. If I do a One to One Spatial Join two poles pick up the same length of wire. I need each pole to return a unique value.


We are using this to track the miles our tree contractors trim for us annually. The contractors have an app they use to report back where they have trimmed. Footage is linked to the pole they select. Currently our pole file that was created in ArcGIS is incorrect. Right now two poles in line have picked up the same footage which is reporting incorrect miles. I am trying to fix our pole file so every pole picks up the span of wire that is behind it. Unfortunately our wire/poles are not linked in anyway with a common denominator. Our poles are randomly labeled with a number and are in no way a numerical order. One pole could be number 618222 and the next one in line could be 584264.


I am using ArcGIS version 10.2


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you!