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How to set Make Service Area Analysis Layer travel mode

Question asked by vTranLday on Jul 17, 2019
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I have a model (built in ModelBuilder) to run a chain of Make Service Area Layer - Add Locations - Solve tools. Recently, I tried to run this model in ArcGIS Pro and found out that the Make Service Area Layer tool was deprecated. Hence, I switched to the Make Service Area Analysis Layer tool. However, when inputting the Network Dataset from our SDE, the Travel Mode attribute doesn't show a drop-down list of options like the (assumed) equivalent "Impedance Attribute" from the predecessor tool.


So I tried to type in the name of for travel mode as CostLength (We have 2 travel attributes: Cost (driving time) and CostLength (distance)), and the cutoff value to be 1320 (i.e. 1320 ft).  The tool ran but apparently based on the result, I can tell it didn't interpret the cutoff value to be 1320 FEET. 


As this moment of typing, I cannot find the Make Service Area Layer tool in Pro anymore, but can still copy that tool from my old model, and the new model runs fine.


I'm wondering if anyone has any input for this issue?