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Join records from two surveys together

Question asked by ojrivus on Jul 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by dougbrowning

Project Goal:

We would like to create an app that allows administrators to create project sites (one location) which contain trees each with their own locations. The admins require a "smart form" to enter all the information and then we will have people go out in the field and collect information for each tree. The latter will require both a "smart form" to input information as well as having easy access to all trees using a map view for quickly choosing a tree to collect information for.


Current Implementation:

Using Survey123, we are creating a survey to enter information about a project site which contains a repeat that allows  multiple trees to be associated with the project. After the survey is submitted and a record is created, field users can use the Collector app to select the trees based on their location. The popup when selecting a tree has a custom url link to another survey (which is a copy of the above survey but only uses the fields within the repeat) so that it is prepopulated with the existing tree information and the user can add the remaining tree information.



When the user submits the custom url survey, a "copy" of the record is made in a separate database. The desired behavior is to have the original record update after the "copy" record is submitted using some kind of post processsing. What options do we have to achieve this? Is there is a simpler way instead of the current implementation we have?