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modifying the legend widget and ImageryLayer

Question asked by Liz.Eidsness_aafc on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2019 by Liz.Eidsness_aafc

Problem: I have a situation where I have a raster from an ImageService.  I have applied a client side colormap.  I'd like the legend to reflect the colormap.  I'd like to know if my approach is ok.  When I put all the pieces together they fail, so I don't know if it's ok, or a bug.  


Also: In investigating this, I think I have found a bug or something. (I've e-mailed ESRI)


I have figured out how to modify the legend by changing activeLayerInfos / legendElements object.  This works fine on a click event.  You'll see the labels for the first two legend items change on a click on the map.


This is going to be a little piece of a big pie, so I'd like to hook it up to an event/watch that's appropriate, and I'm having trouble finding the right one.  I have tried this.


Seems to work - EXCEPT  not with my ImageryLayer.  It reverts when you do anything. It's using the click handler, to better isolate the events.  If you drag the map around, the changes stay.  If you zoom, they are gone.  I haven't even attempted to put this together with my custom renderer because it's not working well yet.