Trying to change coordinate system, points wont show up. Even though it is the correct coordinate system

Discussion created by Jmobilis on Jul 16, 2019
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Hi all,


I started arcgis recently and I came accros a problem I couldn't solve for some time now.


I have a csv file with locations of drillings in the Netherlands. I know the x,y coordinates of the csv file are in RD / Amersfoort coordinates (The dutch national coordinate system). I tried both of them at least.


When I change the basemap coordinate system to one of these, the map changes visually pretty drastically. But when I hover with my mouse over the map to see the x,y coordinates. It is exactly the same as before (mercator). 

And I can see 1 point in the middle of the ocean somewhere. So something isn't going right. There should be points all over the Netherland.


My process -> open arcgis pro with a standard basemap -> Set the basemap to RD coordinate system via properties -> add csv file -> display x,y data -> set coordinate system to current map.


Hope you can help me with my problem!