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Does the account running ArcServer service need to exist in DB?

Question asked by ascullyCOT on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2019 by rsears-esristaff

We're connecting to and trying to publish from a non-Spatial Oracle database.  The connection is made using a 'direct connection':


After some trial and error, the connection works, we have 32 and 64bit Oracle clients installed and configured correctly (fun times!) and can register the database with the ArcServer connection.  

Publishing fails - error 001487

Have been doing all kinds of research about this, and it seems that the account that runs the ArcServer windows service ALSO needs to exist in the source database?  I'm hoping I'm misunderstanding, but am just looking to see if any brains out there can confirm or deny this.


I was combing through this thread:

I am receiving Error 001487 when attempting to publish on a newly create enterprise GDB. Help! 


Am concerned, because we need to use a domain account to run ArcServer but the database in question doesn't use Active Directory.


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