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Dirty area measurement of use

Question asked by damienpyne on Jul 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by anthony.ryan_ergon

From the images relating to the Utility Network - Dirty Area of point features, what unit of measure is used with the buffer distance to create the polygons?

It appears the buffer distance is always 0.5 so the diameter/perimeter distance is 1 and the unit of measure is based on the reference coordinate system of the utility network service/datasource.


In the Naperville Demo data, the reference coordinate system of the data/service is projected of feet (NAD 1983 StatePlane Illinois East FIPS 1201) and the resulting dirty area is 1ft perimeter.


We have developed a PoC  with data in Geocentric Datum Australia 2020 (GDA2020) which is geographic in decimal degrees. 1degree in distance is approx. 101-111km depending if relates to Latitude or Longitude. As you can see, the perimeter distance is approx. 100-110kms which is a consistent methodology to the 1feet example with the Naperville data.


Also, can it be confirmed this resulting buffer is passed to a minimum bounding box function to produce the rectangle as the buffer on points creates circles?


Paul LeBlanc is this related to the projection issue mentioned in Applying WaterDistribution_AssetPackage fails or related to Apply Asset Package error - Get attribute metersPerUnit does not exist