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I'm trying to edit a cell in the attribute table of a shapefile and it will delete my entry as soon as I save edits. Could that have something to do with related tables?

Question asked by funinaround on Jul 15, 2019
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There was incorrect data in a cell in my shapefile's attribute table.  I put it in editing mode and updated the cell, but when I saved my edits, it reverted back to the incorrect data.  The data is 8468 TRADER RD.  If I delete anything from the Trader Rd portion, it will accept the change and just leave the number 8468.  If I try to delete part of the number, it won't accept it and will go back to the entire 8468.  Additionally, once anything in the cell is edited, another cell in that row automatically updates with data that I didn't enter.  I can see that there are two tables related for this shapefile, which is the only thing I could think of.  Maybe the cell that's automatically updating is being filled with data from a related table? And maybe the reason I can't completely edit the original cell is because it's linked up somehow with the related table and won't accept data that doesn't occur there?