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Question asked by tmmaccel on Jul 15, 2019


I'm checking the dynamic text to try to understand who it's works.

I found strange behaviour.  So, thinking it was because my project is base on imported arcmap mxd, I make a new blank one.

The same result so I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. 

I'm starting to explore the Map Frame dynamic text.

In my project I have the following elements.

Layout = base_paysage_1X

Map frame = paysages 1x

Map = Base gabarit (gch_ht)

Index table = Tuiles_cartes_pour_atlas

So, when I select a dynamic text to retrieve info in the table, I don't understand the results.  Someone could help me?

If I do it with the dynamic text, the result is :

=<dyn type="table" property="value" mapFrame="paysages 1x" MapMemberUri="CIMPATH=portrait/tuiles_cartes_pour_atlas.xml" isDynamic="true" useMapSeriesShape="false" field="carte" delimiter=" "/>

So, the mapFrame have the good name.  But, I don't understand the part MapMerberUri=CIMPATH=, the result in not clear for me.  I haven't found the xml file to look at it.

Since portrait is also one of my imported maps, I was thinking it was referring to the Map Frame.  So I replace the portrait text to paysages 1x.  Since with the portrait the result was the value of the table and with paysages 1 x no result is show, I think it's not that. If I remove the CIMPATH also no value is show

I haven't found information of this structure Pro generate automatically so I can't do the fine tuning I need, when I have many map frames in one layout to show table information.