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What about the restroom congestion at 2019 ESRI UC?

Question asked by bsvrt on Jul 13, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by MBordne-esristaff

First- Thank you for the Women in GIS events at ESRI UC 2019. 


Now, to the restroom wait times and inequitable outcome issue. While I was walking around during the UC, I noticed that some restrooms always had lines while others were under utilized.

There is technology to track traffic flows and re-route traffic to prevent congestion. This may be a really odd idea but how about applying that technology to traffic flow in ladies rooms during the 2020 UC? ESRI invested all the time and effort to utilize ArcGIS Indoors at the UC so why not look into adding this feature and provide shorter wait times for women waiting to use the restroom and their colleagues waiting for them outside the restroom? I'd walk a little farther to a restroom without a line if I knew where it was. 

Is this too strange of an idea?