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How can I maintain or edit configuration of pop-up window info when creating a web map?

Question asked by Brooks.Bailey@austintexas.gov_austin on Jul 10, 2019

In Pro, I was able to separate a set of values into three unique-value groups according to their score, gave each group its own symbology, and assigned each group a label: "Lower Tercile," "Middle Tercile," "Upper Tercile."


This allows me to display a legend with a more general description of the map features while still displaying the exact "HFAI" score in the pop-up windows. Maintaining a general legend is important for confidentiality purposes, while being able to display the exact HFAI score in each point's pop-up window is required for my organization's analysis. 

unique values and pop-up window field alias in Pro



However, this is only the case in Pro. When I transferred this into a web map, the pop-up window configuration changed to show the labels of the groups rather than the actual scores:


How can I either maintain the same pop-up window configuration or change the display within the web map? I've tried using the "Configure Pop Up" option in the web map layer, and I've tried editing the label. 



Edit: I failed to mention that this seems to be happening because the attributes within the layers are changing. See the attribute table in Pro:


And compare that to the attribute table in the web map:


So, more clearly stated, how can I prevent this change in the attributes when creating a web map so that the actual HFAI scores are displayed in the attribute tables and pop-up windows?