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Google Play August 1 2019 64 bit requirements

Question asked by paul.haakma on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2019 by SSuresh-esristaff

I got the email below from Google Play recently. Can someone advise please whether any action (i.e. a rebuild and resubmit) is required?


I have an app in the Google Play store last updated November 2018, with the x86 and armeabi-v7a apk builds that were available from CloudMake at the time.


I'm aware that one of the javascript libraries in my code doesn't seem to work with the latest AppStudio/Qt versions, so for me it's not just a case of running a rebuild in CloudMake, I also need to set aside time to update the code, which I hadn't planned to do any time soon.


So I need to know whether the app listing will continue to work beyond August 1st 2019, or should I be prioritizing updating the code so I can rebuild and resubmit before then?


Email from Google:


Hello Google Play Developer,

By August 1, 2019, all apps that use native code must provide a 64-bit version in order to publish an update. As of the sending of this email, at least one of your apps* does not yet meet the requirement:


Action required

Please review all of your apps for 64-bit compliance and submit your updated apps by August 1, 2019. The Android developers guide provides step-by-step instructions for assessing the use of native code and becoming 64-bit compliant, including identifying native libraries, building with 64-bit libraries, testing and publishing.

Please note that we are not making changes to our policy on 32-bit support. Google Play will continue to deliver apps with 32-bit native code to 32-bit devices. The requirement means that those apps will need to have a 64-bit version as well.