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Is arc pro linked to a specific version of the utility network?

Question asked by damienpyne on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2019 by damienpyne

We have recently built a PoC environment of pro2.4/10.7.1/UN v3.1, yet still have a pro2.3/10.6.1/v2.0.1 environment available.

After ensuring I am pointed to the correct portal, I have tried to open one of the pro2.3/v2.0.1 project files on pro 2.4 and cannot see the details of the Utility Network properties, and therefore UN functions fail. (ie validate topology states the service is not enabled)

The dark theme is viewing on pro 2.4, while the light theme is pro 2.3 for the same map and portal, etc.  The same issue occurred when adding the raw v2.3 service to a new map in pro 2.4.



is there a compatibility link between pro2.4 and UN v3; and pro2.3 and UN v2?