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Survey123: Contains( ) formula in choice_filter

Question asked by btsang@nps.gov_nps on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by dougbrowning

Hello, Survey123 Experts:

I'm having a little trouble implementing a cascading select formula in my choice_filter column. 
I have two select_one questions with a choice_filter on the second question that filters my selection options based on the first question's response. I'm trying to use the contains( ) function to allow two different responses in question #1 (${wlsystem}) to yield the same response choices in question #2 (${subsystem}). The choice_filter formula I've used is formatted thus:
contains( [filter], ${wlsystem} )
Unfortunately, this formula breaks the select_one question entirely, yielding no choices for ${subsystem} whatsoever regardless of which response is selected in ${wlsystem}
For reference, I've attached an excerpt XLSForm that I'm working on.  For testing purposes, I added a calculated text field that verified the result of the contains( ) formula as well as a duplicate of the subsystem question using a simplified choice filter, but which requires a longer list of choices
Anybody have any recommendation on how to properly use the contains( ) formula with my choice_filter?