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'Share a linesegment'-relationship for SpatialQueryFilter?

Question asked by sthaug on Jul 10, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2019 by sthaug

Hi! I'm trying to find which two areas are divided by a boundary (having the areas and boundaries in two separate featureclasses). Since we have no access to MapTopology in the Pro API, I'm instead trying to do a Search using SpatialQueryFilter. When I run the Select Layer By Location-tool I can choose 'Share a linesegment with' as a relationship. However, this option is not available as a SpatialRelationship for the SpatialQueryFilter. The nearest option is Touches, but this also finds the areas touched by only the endpoint of the line.

Does anyone have a solution for this? An other way of doing it? Or can I run the Select Layer By Location-tool from my code, and this will return the features I want?


Any input appreciated!



Norwegian Mapping Authority.