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Problems with version 2.0.0

Question asked by dmorosiesriitalia-it-esridist Employee on Jul 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by amason-esristaff

Hi all,


I just downloaded the brand new Drone2Map 2.0.0 and I've encountered some problems or missing functionalities. I'm asking here just to verify that I'm not the only one.

  • When I try to configure a Portal connection, I get an error (see below picture #1). ArcGIS Online connection is working correctly
  • When I try to share a product, I can't get anymore the project name as a default for the layer name. This is a true problem when you have a lot of users and contents since each user coul potentially pick a different name for the same thing. See picture #2
  • Suddenly, Drone2Map crashes near the end of a processing (2 times over 3 tests so far, 2d only) and ALWAYS when I try to share a feature service
  • By default, Drone2Map uses ALL the availbale CPUs giving me an unusable workstation for some hours. It could be better to start at a half of the whole CPUs availble.


Any help appreciated!



Picture #1


Picture #2