Requesting a few particular records causes an "Unable to perform query" error.

Discussion created by idvsolutions13 on Mar 7, 2011
Latest reply on May 23, 2011 by peter_siebert

Using Arc GIS 9.3.1, I recently published a feature class map to the REST API.  For the most part, it works well; returning the results I ask for.  However, I have noticed that when certain records should be included in the result, I receive a generic "Unable to perform query. Please check your parameters." error.

The type of query does not seem to matter, for example, when I query with envelope geometry, if any of these records should be returned, I get the error.  If I move the geometry so that the offending record should not be included, I will get the intended results.  A further example, when I query using the Text= argument, I get the same error (in this case I only expect one record to be returned).

I am using Internet Explorer to demonstrate the problem.  (I have removed my program from the equation)

I view the record in Arc Map and the shape renders correctly.  The data record is viewable.  This appears to be a problem in the REST API.

I have vewied, at Verbose level, the logs in ArcGIS Server Manger, but there is not a clear indication that anything is wrong.  There are certainly no errors.

I have viewed the Windows Application log.  There are no errors at the time I make the REST call.

I have asked my client to review the records that I have identified.  To me, they look like any other records, and nothing is obviously wrong.

Thanks for your help!