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How to add a new field or change ItemID in AGOL with Python (or via AGOL, any solution works really )

Question asked by BI_Glovo on Jul 9, 2019
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So this should be fairly simple but is not, and is making to maintain my webmap almost impossible to maintain.


I have published a layer via CSV and with Python with a set of fields, lets say 5, now the same CSV has an extra field (we have 6 in total now). How I can add this new field wihtout having to redo the whole map, webapp that depend on this layer?


I tried to add the new field via AGOL in the Data tab (also to the CSV) as well as using the manager.add_to_definition in Python with always the same result, once I overwrite the layer the new field disappears.

Any options?

  1. How can I change the itemID of a layer so lets say I just swap the layers in my Web App (in Python)
  2. OR, how to add this new field via Python and when overwriting stays?


Thanks in advance.

Kelly Gerrow