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Limit choices in Select_One question based on geopoint location

Question asked by grahamstobieSPEN on Jul 8, 2019
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I'm building a survey where the user will be asked to select the address of the property they are currently at from a list of addresses taken from our corporate address register. The address list is over 1m records, so I'm going to store the addresses in an external csv and use pulldata to populate the select_one list (probably split by district in the final version).


I'm wondering if there is a way of limiting the list of addresses the user is presented with based on the location of a geopoint question which will be populated earlier in the survey, so they only have to select from e.g. 20 addresses rather than the full list? I know you can pull the XY from the geopoint, and I could include the XY against each record in the csv file, but struggling to see how I can use the two together!