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Portal Allow Origins Web App Builder Redirect

Question asked by clinton.ballandis on Jul 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by clinton.ballandis

Hi all,


I've just upgraded my Web App Builder to version 2.12 and have associated it with my Portal that is running 10.6.1.


I can successfully open Web App Builder and create a project however only when I don't enter values in the Portals Security Allow Origins field.



This seems to be at odds with the following technical document that suggest that Web App Builder won't work unless your machinename.domain is added to the Allow Origins white list ?


If I add the domain name of the machine to the Allow Origins I get a continuous login redirect when I try to approve access to the portal.


I was going to add the following to the Allow Origins to restrict CORS requests -  my domain e.g. 

any machines that have web app builder installed https://machine1name.domain https://machine2name.domain


Rebecca Strauch, GISP you did you ever add Allow Origins to AGOL as per this thread