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Changing the Portal for ArcGIS account

Question asked by klassizistisch on Jul 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2019 by klassizistisch

Quick backstory: I am attempting to migrate our ArcGIS Enterprise environment to new servers. Portal was installed using a local user and based on the steps described here, causes a problem. I can't give the local server user access to our shared location. In order to fix that, I attempted to change the Portal for ArcGIS account following the information from here.

I located the .bat file, no problem, looked at the content in Notepad++ but what exactly am I supposed to do? 

I tried to change line 26 to the following:

@echo Usage: "configureserviceaccount [--username domain\portaladmin] [--password xxxxx] [--readconfig user-configure-file] [--writeconfig c:\temp\domainaccountconfig.xml]"


After doing so, I ran the .bat as administrator, the command window appear for 0.2 seconds and nothing happened. The serviceconfiguration.xml (this location: C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\framework\etc\serviceconfiguration.xml) still had the arcgis user as the admin.


Our IT department couldn't help unfortunately and our Esri support distributor neither, so I am turning to the community. Has anybody done this before? What am I missing?