UC Button Collecting

Discussion created by GregoryJameson on Jul 3, 2019
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Here are my tips on collecting buttons - specifically the ESRI buttons. There are three different categories of ESRI buttons - UC year, Industry, and specialty. Industry buttons are the easiest to get while specialty buttons are extremely hard to acquire.


  • UC year buttons - Explore the expo space throughout the day - These buttons are in buckets around the expo space. Buttons are dropped at different times and at least once in the morning and afternoon. There are 8 unique buttons each year
  • Industry buttons - Located at the ESRI booth of that industry. From coding languages to ESRI support, there is a button for each. These generally don't change year to year.
  • Specialty buttons - These are given out a specific events or people. Go out and explore for these.


Post your tips & tricks below!


My three year collection