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2 + Mapframe dynanic text

Question asked by tmmaccel on Jul 3, 2019

Hi  hope someone could help me.


In a map layout I have 2 or 3 maps (map frame).


I link each one to a specific view like map1 = view1, map2 = view2…


So, since map series is limited to the layout not for each map, I can’t use it when I have more than a map in a layout.  Hope ESRI will add this to a future release.  The map series is important for the map, not the layout but… Esri doesn’t think or that.


I’m trying to dynamiquely link info to each Map.  I try to use maps frame syntax with each map and make a query to have only one entry in my reference polygon before applying zooms to this unique polygon.


I check the examples and think it was the following script the most adapted but something is wrong because the result is the same for each map.



- <dyn type="mapFrame" name="portrait gauche Map Frame" property="magneticDeclination" units="ddm" decimalPlaces="0" showDirections="yes"/>

page ( from the table field )

- <dyn type="page"  mapFrame="portrait gauche Map Frame"  property="attribute" field="carte"/>