Crossing excess, points and cut

Discussion created by cidar on Mar 6, 2011
I am new to ArcGIS and I hope to be at the right place here.. even if it is more like an ask-thread.

With Network Analyst I merged several Line Shapefiles to get a Network Dataset and a File Geodatabase Feature Class. My goals were to merge several Line-Shapefiles, which worked, but I cant find a way to put streets together within a certainly area.. neither I cant automatically let him find all crossingpoints were the different lines are crossing.

At least I have to cut the lines in the crossing point (but the other problem would be more important).

I hope the problem is understandable and I also hope that someone could give me a hint what to do or what exactly I have to read. (I will read some more things about ArcGIS and will answer myself here if I find what i search).

Thank you