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GeodatabaseSyncTask.ImportGeodatabaseDeltaAsync doesn't catch all edits

Question asked by minerjoe Champion on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by minerjoe

We have a process in place to import deltas generated through another process.  Doing this we are seeing odd behavior in how the things merge.  In situations where in the time between an upload happening from the client and the next delta download edits occur at the server, these changes do not get back to the client that made the edits.



  • User 1 makes edit, creates feature A t0
  • User 1 pushes edit to server using an Upload Sync - feature A is on server at t0
  • User 2 edits feature A on server at t1
  • System generates deltas from t0..
  • User 1 downloads delta file and does Merge


In this scenario user 1 never gets the changes made on the server to the feature she created.  iF i look in the delta database I see the row, but everything is contained in the _Inserts table.


If any other user downloads those deltas the features are created as expected. 


If after that initial delta was generated a new edit is made to feature A and we generate a new delta file the update will process correctly.  Also in this case the delta database contains the edit in an _Update table.


I am not sure where the issue is?  I would think the delta database would recognize that the record had been inserted and updated since the last delta was generated, or the ImportGeodatabaseDeltaAsync would recognize that the row in the _Insert table did not match the same row that was in the offline replica


All I know is that user 1 never gets the update to her feature that was made on the server in the time between upload and generating the delta