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Network Analyst Junction Issue

Question asked by deweyj_UNC on Jul 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2019 by jsandhu-esristaff

I'm using a road centerline file that was exported from Rhino as a .dxf and then exported into a shapefile once in Arcmap. Using this shapefile to build a network dataset yields the result in Image One below. Basically, my junctions are not located where they should be. Some intersections are skipped while other areas have multiple junctions listed. I think that the junctions are locating at the endpoints that were created when this file was drawn in Rhino (which would explain the abundance of junctions on the curve), but I want to ignore those endpoints and instead rely on line intersections where junctions are traditionally located. See Image Two for what I am going for.


How can I make my network dataset look more like the second image (created from a streets shapefile I downloaded for a different area)?

Image One: Network Analysis Failure; Too Many Junctions/Intersections Skipped

Image Two: Network Analysis Success: All Intersections Accounted For; Few Extraneous Junctions