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How to rotate a data frame in layout of arcmap based on the box shapefile that I have as a layer?

Question asked by orkhan.abdullayev90 on Jul 1, 2019

Dear Esri community followers, 


The question is about the layout that I am using to create the charts. I want to rotate my map based on a feature layer that I have (as a box/grid box not North oriented)

As a example : Imagine that I have the area from NW to SE (polygon type shp)  and that polygon with features should be divided in sections with rectangular boxes that specified by user. The borders of rectangular touching to each other and it is along the area.

Now I want to create the lay out for each rectangular to show features on that area of polygon but I don't want to have NW to SE direction, in layout can I rotate by rectangular from left to right? Or we can say:can I use my rectangular box as a data frame from left to right or opposite in layout mode?

Thank you for your valuable time that you spend for my long text.