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Geolocator Not Working In ArcGIS Pro 2.4

Question asked by andrew.southern@Franklintn.gov_franklin on Jul 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Barrett.Froc@Saskatoon.ca_CitySaskatoon

I am having trouble using the Geocode Table function in 2.4.  I am trying to use a single field locator hosted on an ArcGIS server against a simple table of about 20 addresses.  I receive "Error: 732 -   Input Address Locator: Dataset \\gisfs04\gis\FranklinGIS\User_Workspaces\GIS\Andrew_S\Fire\arcgis on gisasv01_6080 (user)/Locators/SiteAddressPointSF.GeocodeServer does not exist or is not supported."  The table is in an .xlsx file and is fairly straight forward with address in a single field.


I have used the same locator using the same server connection with the previous version of Pro without issue.  In fact, I tested against another .xlsx file that geocoded without issue and it also gave me the same error.