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Not able to export tiles for basemaps

Question asked by devkhatri1 on Jun 30, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by devkhatri1


I need to provide basemaps in offline mode, I should be able to download basemap's tiles in mobile device and use it when no connectivity.


My scenarios:

1. I create the feature with ESRI's default basemap, I use the OfflineMapTask on mobile,  I am not able to download .vtpk file.

2. I create my custom base layer on developers portal, create feature with it, when I use the OfflineMapTask on mobile I am able to download .vtpk file


Observation in Arcgis online layer settings page:

1. Default basemap's setting page is different from that of custom basemap. Setting page for custom basemap shows me tile's datasource, for default basemap it gives me option to build tiles !!



Another observation with using rest api [../exportTiles?tilePackage=true&exportExtent=-13051380,4030276,-13037288,4041136&optimizeTilesForSize=true&compressionQuality=60&exportBy=levelId&levels=13-19&areaOfInterest=&f=json ]  


1. With default basemap it doesn't give me the jobid and it says    

{"error":{"code":400,"message":"Exporting tiles is not allowed.","details":[]}}

2. With custom basemap it  give me the jobid 



ESRI's default basemaps are not capable of downloading the tiles? or it requires any configuration !