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How can I add old Survey responses to new survey?

Question asked by MichaelVanHatten_OGM on Jun 27, 2019
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I may have made a lot of extra work for myself.....


recently I had the great idea to delete some old files from my AGOL account (for no real reason) while I was doing this I must have deleted a service definition that was needed to keep my Survey working. After deleting these items I went to and was going to generate some reports, only to find my Survey was GONE! This is an issue as the data and responses are a large part of the work done by my coworkers. I do have the hosted feature layer with the point data and responses in the attribute data so i am not completely out of luck. I still have the survey excel file on my Survey123 connect on my desktop. I am wondering if it is possible to republish the exact same survey and add the old responses to the new survey? Most likely from the hosted feature layer. Has anyone experienced this issue before? Is it possible? Do I have to manually add all 87 surveys to the new one?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.