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Where is the presence of StoreLatest-Features cached?

Question asked by peter.grueninger on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by stefan.jungesri-de-esridist

As you know, the StoreLatest-functionality is just a FeatureService that is associated to a StreamService. Everytime a Feature is send to the StreamService, GE checks if the feature already exsists and just has to be updated or if it is new and has to be created.

To detect if a feature already exsists, GE initially queries the FeatureServices (a simple REST-Request). After GE has detected a feature for the first time, it never queries FeatureService again and just sends updateFeature-Requests.

It seems like the presence of a feature is cached anywhere in GE.

To minimize REST-Requests to the FeatureService and from a point of performance it should go this way.


The problem is if you delete features on the FeatureService (accidentally or wanted) GE does not recognize that and tries to update a feature which does not exist any longer. 

Features never are created again. The only way to get GE into the state of recheck the presence of the features is to

restart GE.


Therefore, the questions are:

  • Where is the prescence of a feature cached?
  • How can I trick GE into rechecking the presence of a StoreLatest feature?