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I am trying to setup my Firewall for accessing AGOL through City Engine 2019.0

Question asked by mthescorpion2001 on Jun 28, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2019 by CIten-esristaff

I am currently using Sophos UTM 9 and have created an exception for the following sites within Web Protection > Filtering Options


The same issue occurs when using 2017.1 as well.


As soon as i turn off a proxy on a client computer, access goes through fine and the sign in box appears.


With the proxy on, the log throws up the following:


Trying to execute the disabled command com.esri.agol.commands.signInCommand (NotEnabledException) - [main]


with the com.esri.agol plug-in at fault


Because of this, i also can't access the Python Console as that requires internet access as well


Any ideas anyone?