How can you remove a single item from the Redo stack in the ArcGIS Pro SDK?

Discussion created by JPHILLI2_TXDOT on Jun 26, 2019
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This seems like it should be pretty simple, but I've been troubleshooting and can't seem to get it to work!


//I create an Edit operation

var splitFeatures = new EditOperation() { };

//Some Extra code goes here ( for full code) that splits and gets measures

splitFeatures.Split(lyr, oid, geometry);

//I Undo the Split



//After I undo the edit operation, I want to remove the ability for the user to redo it.  How can I remove the single edit operation from the redostack?

var operationMgr = MapView.Active.Map.OperationManager;





I found this RemoveRedoOperation method, but I can't seem to find a good example of it in use.  Please help!