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Issues with collector after 19.1.0 update

Question asked by LanceCole Champion on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2019 by LanceCole

Our iOS devices updated to Collector 19.1.0 build 2666 yesterday.  Today, we noticed several issues using the application with a Leica GG04+ running on a State VRS system.  The iOS devices were running on 12.3.0, however, we are in the process of updating to 12.3.1.  


The two main issues encountered were; 1) when collecting a point feature multiple points are often collected.  At one location 32 points were collected.  Users reported submitting with a rotating circle would be displayed for a very long time while collecting the point.  All points contain the exact same data in the points saved to AGOL.  2) Collector also stopped reporting Altitude values in the AGOL data submitted and points were not collected to the accuracy indicated for some points.  Sample data can be provided from today’s data.


As noted, currently updating iOS to most recent version and checking GPS firmware to also confirm most recent.   Anyone else noted this issue?