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Cannot Access Data in Operations Dashboard

Question asked by joshjones on Jun 24, 2019
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Cannot Access Data in Operations Dashboard


Hi Guys, 

I have been using operations dashboards for quite some time and have had success using query layers and sde data exposed directly through ArcGIS server or then expressed as items in ArcGIS Online with embedded security. Lately we have been using SLQ spatial views with geometry enabled to feed ArcGIS Server services like we have always done but we are seeing some weird results once they are shared as Dashboards.  Once in the dashboard we can see the layers available in the map and can add it to lists or details pane and everything looks fine but when we try to use an indicator gauge or chart we get a message "No Data"  with the warning "Cannot Access Data" If any of you have an idea as to what I need to do differently, I would appreciate any insights you might have.

Thanks in advance!