AGSPortalItem.serviceURL Is Blank

Discussion created by richardmmap on Jun 25, 2019
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Trying to access the info of a feature service portal item via itemID.  I'm able to access other properties like 

title but not the serviceURL.  I've tried in both online and on premise but to no avail.  The items are shared with my user via a group.  I've even tried loading the item (portalItem.load) and still the url is empty. Not sure if a bug or I am missing something obvious.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Example code below.  Thank you. 


func getPortalFeatureServiceItem(){

        guard let portal = self.portal else {




        let portalItem = AGSPortalItem(portal: portal, itemID: "ID")


        if let itemURL = portalItem.serviceURL{

            print(itemURL.absoluteString) -> ""  //itemUrl gets set but is empty


        print("item title \(portalItem.title)") -> "Title"