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Hosting multiple deployments of Citizen Problem reporter on AGOL?

Question asked by JRougeaux on Jun 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2019 by JRougeaux

Is it possible to host multiple deployments of the citizen problem reporter on AGOL?  My plan is to build a separate reporter application for several municipalities and host it all on my AGOL organization account.  However, I cannot figure out a way to successfully deploy or copy the hosted feature layers so that I essentially have several copies of the same layers but they are each assigned to a specific municipality.


I've tried different methods of copying the feature layers but to no avail.  The primary issue in copying is the parts that are dropped in the copying process including the symbology and the tracking of that Status field.  I also lose the ability to create definition queries on the layers.


It seems like I might have to resort to hosting everything from a single deployment of the service, but then the challenge becomes how to query the data so each municipality only sees their data without causing issue in the email script I created by modifying Jake Skinner's script found here.