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Possible to consume vector tiles in ArcMap?

Question asked by deleted-user-OTbRnsqaIutA on Jun 24, 2019

I'm wondering if it is possible to consume vector tiles I created in ArcGIS Pro in ArcMap? I created a vector tile package using Pro and then uploaded it to ArcGIS Online. Once online I turned it into a hosted tile layer. It works beautifully under our maps and has made things a lot easier.


Many of my coworkers still use ArcMap for the bulk of their work. I would like for my vector tile layer to be available for them to use as a reference when working in ArcMap. I found on other threads that ArcMap can't open .vtpk. However when I try to add the hosted tile layer from my ArcGIS Online content to ArcMap it does not appear as an option. My other hosted tile layers appear as options, but they were not created from vector tiles.


So is it just impossible to consume any vector tile layer in ArcMap? Or is there a work around anyone has found?