Problem on a New ArcGIS Story Maps Beta Publication

Discussion created by dcamara924 on Jun 21, 2019

I recently created a Story Map using the Story Maps Beta but I encounter a problem that I haven't been able to solve. I have created the story using as well Survey123 and it all seemed to work well; however it was not. This story map is a TRIAL only and it is for a project related to opportunities for accessing recreation sites where the main goal is to try and understand the usage of outdoor parks particularly for one of NH's towns.


The site is: https://storymaps-nextgen.arcgis.com/beta/stories/db6e313932084adc9d9d68ba10716ec4


The specific problem is that it does not displays the map with the points being collected with Survey123 unless I am logged in. I first shared it with my organization but then I made it public because no one would be able to see the map linked to the data being collected (I created a couple of inputs). Once I made everything public, the map still can't be seen.


I have tried with other maps that we have created and it works, that is, the maps can be seen perfectly fine. But if I use the map created with my points from Survey123, it just doesn't works. Also, and as a test, I tried to open the map created with the survey123 points made public in a browser without being loged in and the message I get is: 



Any help will be appreciated.


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