Set Date for Feature

Discussion created by vkrishna327 on Jun 19, 2019
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How do we set the date value for feature attribute, when creating new feature. Here is what I am trying by setting as String


String dateTime = imgData.getAttribute(ExifInterface.TAG_DATETIME);
Date photoDate;
if(dateTime != null) {
String photoDatePat = "yyyy:MM:dd HH:mm:ss";
SimpleDateFormat simpleDateFormat = new SimpleDateFormat(photoDatePat, Locale.US);
photoDate = simpleDateFormat.parse(dateTime);
}else {
photoDate = new Date();
attributes.put(Fields.PHOTO_DATE, photoDate.toString());


, and when setting as a date type 


attributes.put(Field.PHOTO_DATE, photoDate)



this errors out as 'Conversion to CoreElement not implemented: class java.util.Date'