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How can I recover my feature class?

Question asked by dustinsmith720 on Jun 20, 2019
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A critical feature class spontaneously began exhibiting unusual behavior after some minor attribute edits. I had just finished editing some text fields, and realized some features weren't being drawn. Additionally, I received the following error:


One or more layers failed to draw:

Unexpected operation [Streets]
Whitespace is not allowed at this location.



Only a small fraction of the features display at full extent. If you zoom in on many of the features, everything displays like normal. When you pan or zoom so that certain features are in the map extent, however, most of the features vanish again. It's like certain features were somehow tainted.


Full Extent:


Just one zoom level further:


Opening the attribute table initially shows the first 23 features and many blank rows. After a second or two, the blank rows populate so that there are 119 features in the table. There should, however, be upwards of 236 features in that FC! but quickly catches up and displays 119 features (There should be upwards of 236 features). The weird thing is that everything seems to display at certain extents, but not other extents!


First 1-2 seconds after opening the attribute table:


After most, but not all features populate. Note the significant gap in ObjectIDs:



The feature class lives in a file geodatabase stored on a shared network drive (with plenty of free memory). I'm running ArcMap 10.6. I've tried MXD doctor like this article suggests (although I don't use ArcPress), but the feature class is exhibiting the same behavior on multiple computers independent of the MXD; I suspect the feature class was somehow corrupted on the shared network drive (Windows Server 2012 R2).



I've never seen this kind of error before, but it's behaving similar to the occasional General Function Failures that occur when I'm away from an open MXD and the computer goes to sleep. In these cases, all features of all feature classes in the MXD vanish, and will be corrupted if I save any edits or the MXD. I always close the program without saving, and everything repopulates correctly. This problem has persisted after after rebooting ArcMap several times, and it appears on separate computers.


Thanks in advance to anybody who can assist on this issue. Also, this is my first post, so not sure if this is the right GeoNet location for general troubleshooting.