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No Legend Labels in Exported Map

Question asked by snmoore on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by rscheitlin

I'm using the ARCGIS JS API (4.11) to create a map with points. I've added a Print Widget to the map and when I generate the printable pdf, the legend does not show with labels. When I use an earlier version of the api (4.06) I see "Override 1", "Override 2", etc. as the legend labels.


I've even tried using the print service (only as a test), but get the same problem. Any ideas on why the print widget doesn't show labels but the map does?  (codepen link below)


The map: 



The exported pdf using the Print widget - no labels for the Legend.



Here is a code pen illustrating the problem.   I've tried to distill this down to a fairly simple small'ish example (with hardcoded json data as the source data). 


Anyone see any obvious problems?  (note: to view the pdf, you might have to right click it and save it locally after you click export.)


Here's the code pen link:


Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions!