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Mirrored Image? - 3D ArcGIS Pro - Multipatch Texture

Question asked by jonathan_reger6 on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by jonathan_reger6

Hi everyone,


I have a question regarding the "Multipatch Texture" - Tool in ArcGIS Pro.


inital situation: I have a 3D-Modell of buidlings and want to match the facades of the buildings with pictures i've taken of them. These pictures are not taken orthogonal, so i have used the "Crop-Image" function in City-Engine to rectify them.T


Up to here, everything is working fine.

Now i change again to ArcGIS Pro to the "Multipatch-Texture"- Tool. But when I want to match the facade with the croped image, the displayed image on the Facade is showed mirrored. 


Orginal image:



Mirrored image on facade:




So the questions is: How can i change this, to get the right oreintation of the image?

With the existing editing functions it's only possible to zoom, rotate or swivel the image, to match it correctly with the fasacdes.


Any Ideas why the image appears mirrored? Any advice?



((@Özgür Ertac))



Best Regards,