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Heatmap: Old colors stay in map after changing colorstops

Question asked by alta4Demeter on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2019 by alta4Demeter

Hey there,


I noticed something in the Heatmap Renderer, when changing the colorstops and I can not figure out, what is causing it.


I want to implement a Heatmap Renderer with multiple color schemes(HeatmapColorStop[]). So I defined a few and put them into a select container. When I switched through them, I noticed, that the colors from old color schemes were not gone completely, some of them remained in the map. You can see that very clearly, when you switch from a light to a darker color and back.


I prepared a CodePen, which visualizes, what I am trying to explain.

At first you have a color scheme, which graduates from a dark purble to a bright yellow. If you change the scheme with the "change scheme" button, you should see only red and orange, but dark purple edges remain.



So my question is, how do you change between different color schemes correctly?


Thank you in advance and kind regards,


D. Demeter