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Batch editing of attribute table in Collector Classic?

Question asked by MSFIuser on Jun 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2019 by MSFIuser

I've changed a number of domain values in fields within a map layer. My map already has 1000+ data points pre-change. I'd like to "translate" the recorded domain values for the existing points to the new domain values. The translation is straightforward and unambiguous. 


I know how to do this in ArcMap using the Field Calculator in an edit session, which would allow me to change a bunch of values simultaneously. I also see that I can edit values in the attribute table for the layer in Collector but apparently only one at a time. This would be extremely time-consuming. Is there any way to "batch edit" attribute values in Collector so that I could change, for example, all occurrences of a certain old domain value to the related new value?


If the only way to make batch changes is in ArcMap, how can I get the changed values into the attribute table of Collector? Do I have to republish the map?


Thanks for your help.




PS. I'm a self-taught volunteer doing this for a small non-profit.